Saturday, 30 January 2016

Advantages of Using a Car Cover.

 To help keep your vehicle looking showroom fresh, get into the habit of using a car cover. Even if you store your car in a garage, a properly fitted car cover will give it the added protection it needs. There are many types of damage that a car cover can protect your vehicle from and there are some not so obvious benefits that can also be gained by using one.

1. Ultra Violet (UV) Protection

Damage to your vehicle from ultraviolet rays can be devastating. Not only does the car cover protect the finish from fading and cross linking, but it provides UV protection for your vehicle’s interior as well. You will find that the dash will last longer, the upholstery will retain that “new car” brilliance and you’ll save money on detailing.

2. Theft Prevention

For car thieves, the speed of the theft is of utmost importance, so they look for cars that are easy to steal. If you keep your car on the street and hide it under a car cover, it is less accessible which would take the thief more time to handle. Moreover, some covers include a cable and lock and are thus especially difficult to remove. Cover your car up and the thieves probably would not bother wasting their time and risk being caught. In addition, the cover could also prevent vandalism because the car is harder to access.

3. Dust and Dirt Protection

Most people see dust and dirt covering their vehicle as just a nuisance and a cosmetic problem. However, dust and dirt can trap moisture which will promote rust. They are also abrasive and their scratching action will inevitably dull and destroy the finish.

4. Scratches and Abrasions

How many times have you gone into a silent scream when the kids assaulted your vehicle with their trucks and dolls? These are instances where a car cover would lower the scratch potential and relieve some of that stress.

5. Protection from Biological Damage

Your parking space does not have to be located under the largest and most populous tree in the area for you to enjoy the advantage of a car cover. Biological contributions from passing avian creatures (birds), hairballs and the occasional contribution from an ill friend or child can take their toll on that nice shine. If these problems were taken care of immediately, then there would be no problem. However, if they are neglected for even a short period of time, the corrosive ingredients contained in these will degrade the finish.

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  1. Now a day’s covers are made for all type of cars. No matter what kind of vehicle you have it should be protected by a good and safe cover.