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The Funny names Nigerians give cars

Cars are amazing technological feats that litter our roads round the world today. Every passing year witnesses the debut of a new model or some incredible modification on an existing model. But I’m not here to examine car models or talk about which is the newest innovation today

I’m here to talk about the funny names Nigerians give these cars! It’s amazing how some cars that have become popular end up getting nicknames which are usually as a result of situations surrounding them or their looks. 

I took some time to gather as much as I could on the famous car models that were notorious for one thing or the other way back then and presently today. 

The Honda series are usually very notorious for getting names.

‘Pure Water’ 
Honda Accord 1986
This dude became the people’s favorite among regular sedans in Nigeria. Each time someone thought of buying a car, this Honda was not far off from the consideration list. It became so common that Nigerians nicknamed it ‘Pure Water’ because sachet water was the most accessible commodity anywhere

Honda Accord 1990

This was another favorite that continued where the 86’ model had left off. It was a heavy amongst the Hausas of northern Nigeria who were obsessed with it. This is how it came to be nicknamed ‘Alla’ because its supposedly said that when a Hausa man boasted about his Honda, he would go; ‘Na my Honda, Allah!’

Honda Accord 1995

This ride gained its nickname because of the way its back was shaped and the way it sat on the ground – like a bulldog.

‘Baby boy’
Honda Accord 1998

The circumstances surrounding this car’s nickname is quite funny. The car sort of became popular after it was spotted in John Singleton’s film titled ‘Baby boy’ which starred Tyrese Gibson in the lead role. Tyrese is seen cruising this Honda with cute alloys in many scenes in the movie. 

‘End of Discussion’
Honda Accord 2003

It was the tagline of its Ad that made this car popular as well as its Iv-Tec engine. The Ad simply said – ‘The New Honda Accord. End of Discussion.’ People loved this ride and it caught on like wildfire. However, the nickname ‘Iv-Tech’ later took over the former.

'Anaconda/Evil Spirit'
Honda Accord 2009

When this Honda came out last year, people were alarmed because it had one heck of a scary look when you first came across it, and it was BIG compared to its past models. It got its nickname from the look of its healamps which look as menacing as the notorious Anaconda snake of the amazon jungle. The evil look of the headlamps also gained it a second nickname of ‘Evil Spirit’.

Toyota Camry 1992

This Toyota Camry probably marked the beginning of the ‘fattening up’ of the Camry range. Its longness and rotundness earned it the nickname ‘Orobo’ which is a Yoruba/pidgin lingo for ‘Fatso’.

Toyota Camry 1998

Suddenly Toyota must have thought it was time to slim down and introduced a slimmer model that became popular in Nigeria till today. The problem is, it didn’t have any distinctive nickname. The only name I ever gathered it was called was ‘Pencil’ because it came out in the year 2000; when we entered the millennium. 

'Big for nothing' or 'Big Daddy'
Toyota Camry 2004

The name probably came as a disdain registered by Nigerians at Toyota’s sudden decision to ‘fatten’ up the Camry again. This time it was so big and bogus that it was nobody seemed to see any use for its bigness. 

Toyota Camry 2007

This car turned out to be a correction over the ‘Big for nothing’ because now all the bigness was put to good use; the car had curves that accentuated its beauty and gave it a distinct look; curves people referred to as ‘muscles’. Nigerians couldn’t resist calling this beauty the ‘Toyota Muscle’.

Mercedes Benz 600 1995

This car was a huge monster that came out before most asian cars got into the bigness parade. It was never regarded as a regular car and was seen to eat up space. It was so massive and ugly it became rare and Nigerians just called it ‘the beast’.

'V Boot/ V Nyansh'
Mercedes Benz 300 1990

This ride caught Naija by storm. Nigerians fell head over heels in love with it. It was majestic and a beaut in its time. The design at that time was unique and its nickname, ‘V boot’, was derived from the unique shape of its boot which was later made sexy with the pidgin term ‘V Nyansh’.

BMW 325i 2001

Image result for BMW 325i 2001 coja

Not all Beamers got nicknamed in their time, and not all their nicknames stayed as long as other cars. But for this model of BMW, the story is different. It was nicknamed ‘COJA’ after it was purchased for ministers and delegates at the COJA games in Abuja in 2003. The car was the official car of the event and became popular as a result back them. Today, the name has however faded. 

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  1. 'Halla' was a popular car rental company in Saudi Arabia that had a fleet of the '90 model accord, Hausa man carried over the name from there.
    'bulldog' was the '90s model Honda Prelude not the Accord.
    'pencil eye' is the correct name for the 2000 model Camry because of its slim taillights and headlights.
    'big for nothing' was so named because it was a big saloon with absolutely zero luxury features.
    Other funny names include the Toyota 'cricket' and 'Baloon' both 90's models Corollas.
    The '92 Honda civic was known as 'thank you daddy'
    In the early 80's when Honda first introduced the Hatchback Civic, Hausa people mispronounced it as 'Hajiya ba duwawu' meaning 'Hajiya no get nyash'