Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Advantages of New Motor parts over Used Parts

Everyday car owners are faced with a selection choice when trying to replace a bad car part - the Used car part (otherwise known as Second-hand or Tokunbo) and the new Car part. A major factor that influences the choice is the cost, the harsh economic condition of the country often makes users go for the Tokunbo parts There is also the erroneous belief by most people especially road-side car technicians that Used Parts are of better quality than the new ones. There is a little truth in this, most tokunbo parts are Quality, but its only because they have been imported from countries where quality is not compromised. This however doesn’t mean that they are better than new products. The comparison is only valid when the new product purchased isn't a genuine one. Although the there is a price difference between both parts, its only right to go for a trusted new part for the following reasons
Longevity – regardless of the quality of a used auto part, there is no way they will last as long as a genuine new one if properly managed. For example, a part that should normally last 10 years may have been used for 8 years before being sold off as "Tokunbo" at a cheaper price. This definitely will influence how long you will use it, as 8 years have been taken off its stipulated period it should last.
Warranty –  Some Tokunbo retailers tend to offer warranties on their products, but it's never as much as much as those offered on new parts. Like the six-month warranty being offered on Newly purchased batteries from Autofactor, there is no way you'll find that much warranty on a Tokunbo battery because the chances of it lasting month is not guaranteed.
Depreciation – Eventually one may want to sell a car part that has been used. A part that had been purchased newly will generate more returns than the second-hand ones which reduced drastically as its being sold to its third user. The reason for this is because of the declining quality as the age increases. Auto parts are not made to last forever. they will eventually wear out. For example, the tyre expiry date we talked about in a previous blogpost.
Recycling – Some tokunbo sellers in a bid to make extra profit sell recycled parts as tokunbo, therefore compromising on the quality. However, this is never the case when it comes to new parts.
Options - when a product is purchased new, you can go for the exact option (colour, type or size) and specification you want, but in the case of used spare parts options are usually limited because their availability depends on people and not the manufacture. These shortcoming will therefore force users to go for parts below their standards.
Economics -  When considered on the long run, new products are often a better choice financially than tokunbo parts as they won’t require replacement if properly managed in a long time.

Its therefore advised to go for new products for the quality they offer. The Only Time Used products are advised is when getting parts for Vehicles that are no longer in production because companies no longer manufacture their parts.

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