Friday, 1 April 2016

Why choose Autofactor?

Besides being used to show affluence, the sole purpose of a car is to provide comfort to the owner when moving from point A to point B. But when this purpose is defeated what happens? The car become useless. There are a lot of factors that may diminish the productivity of a car and we’ll all agree that most of them are around the working condition of the car. An automobile is a machine, so its therefore subjected to faults which can only be mitigated by constant check and proper management. However, when these faults eventually come, what the owner does determines the future of the vehicle. The requisite thing to do is to visit a technician, but is the technician the right one? Can he fix the vehicle and not add to its problems? Another issue with the technician is can you pay him without having too much negative influence on your pocket? Can you trust that this technician isn’t exaggerating the issue just to get more funds from you? When you finally find a technician many times a part will require change which will also be an issue as a new genuine one will be needed for optimum performance. You don’t want a part that will become faulty almost as soon as you purchase, that’s the guaranty new genuine products offer. These are the issues Autofactors aim to fix.  We understand the following things:

  1.       You are tired of being swindled and duped by your local mechanic
  2.       You are tired of buying fake/ Tokunbo vehicle spare parts from roadside shops
  3.       You are tired of the embarrassment your car has caused you
  4.        You require services of an Experienced and certified auto technician
  5.        You sometimes need expert advice on problems you’ve been having with your car
  6.        Sometimes getting time to get quality products is a problem.

So last year we developed a quality E-commerce brand that covers all these. Autofactor provides brand new auto-parts and accessories OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products such as; spare/replacement parts, tyres, wheels, batteries, grille guards, fluids, lubricants and so much more. We also offer services such as outsourcing quality, well trained and experienced technicians (i.e. automotive mechanical engineer, automotive electrical engineer, auto-body technician and etc.) that are affordable. We also deliver to you nationwide so you don’t have to go through the stress.

Contact us at;
Call- 09081155505
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