Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Must Have Car Accessories

 In today’s automotive industry, there are a lot of car accessories depending on their uses in the car. Some are for emergency cases and should not be toyed with while others are there just to add coolness to your car. Here is a list of car accessories any car owner should not do without.
Emergency Accessories:

Jumper cables - when you’re stuck with a dead battery, the jumper cable can rescue you. It allows you start your car off another cars battery when your car can’t start yours. It’s a true life saver.

Tyre Air Compressor – In situations of flat tyre, this accessory can allow you inflate your tire pending the time you get it to a repair shop. It uses the plug of the cigarette lighter in the car and it is small enough to stay in the car trunk.

Tow Rope –Sometimes there’s little that can be done to a car on the road, it will need professional help which may be far away. There’s therefore need to move it there. This is where the tow rope comes in. it allows another car pull the faulty car.

Interior car accessories
When you're traveling in unfamiliar territory without another person present to help navigate, a GPS is invaluable. A GPS can provide vocal instructions that allow you to keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

Universal Car Air Vent Phone Holder – This allows you keep an eye on your phone and on the wheels at the same time. That important call you must not miss may just be coming soon.

Bluetooth Hands-free -  with the Bluetooth headset you can make phone calls and listen to music while on the wheels. This way you feel safe and other road users too are safe.

Air freshener – with the amount of time spent in the car and the family and friends you my have to pick, you don’t want to welcome them with an offensive smell.

Universal car charger – This will never let your phone run out of power especially in this scarcity period. Your friends will also thank you for this.

Car Seat Lumbar Massage Cushion – This accessory allows you drive around town in comfort especially when it’s a long distance trip. Its needed.

Your car is an expensive investment, and by purchasing the right accessories you can keep your car looking good, prevent yourself from becoming stranded by the side of the road, and show the world how cool you are.


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