Friday, 8 April 2016

The Need for Durable Car batteries

The battery is a very important part of an automobile. It helps to start engine. It is also used in stabilizing, filtering and giving the needed power for ignition, electrical lighting, and other car accessories. The car battery provides the power whenever the charging system cannot carry the excess loads. It also maintains the electrical flow of the charging system when it is not operating. There are two battery types, the sealed and the non-sealed and the choice of the battery depends on the climate condition but regardless there’s need for their durability so they can provide optimum performance. There are a couple of reasons that may lead to a dead battery ranging from the age of the battery to unintentionally leaving a light or an electric accessory on. A dead battery can be a hassle, especially if you cannot find jumper cables or have to wait for roadside assistance.
Why do we need durable batteries?
Car batteries are electrical storage units that convert chemical energy to electrical energy. The battery in your car is known as a lead-acid battery. The acid, or electrolyte, reacts with the lead plates inside the battery and this produces electricity. Overtaxing an automotive battery may cause the electrolyte reaction to fail prematurely. Choosing the best car battery replacement can help prevent battery failure.

Here are some ways to Get Durable Batteries

Check Age before Purchase - Car batteries degrade over time so don’t want to buy one that’s more than six months old or you won’t be benefiting from a full lifetime’s wear. That said, checking the date is easier said than done. Unlike tyres, car batteries don’t have a common way of showing when they were produced. Some will have a date written as you might expect. Others will have the month represented by the letters A to M (I is left out), so A is January, B February and so on, plus a single digit for the year.

Getting the right battery for your car - Batteries are rated according to their Amp Hours and Cold Cranking Amps. Loosely, Amp Hours is how long the battery will last if it’s not re-charged; Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) is the power they have to turn the engine over sufficiently to get it started in cold conditions. Diesel engines for example need more cranking power than petrol’s. There’s little point forking out for a battery with a high CCA for a small capacity petrol engine.

Get Maintenance-Free Batteries - Maintenance-required car batteries are less expensive initially but require monitoring of the electrolyte level. Topping off of electrolyte may be required. Maintenance-free auto batteries are more expensive but have the added advantage of worry-free operation. Once installed, the battery requires no electrolyte monitoring.

Battery Terminal  - Note the location and type of your auto battery terminals. Some are on the side of the battery while others are on top. Keep them clean and corrosion free for best performance.

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