Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Importance of a using an Un-Cracked Windshield

Driving a car with a cracked windshield in Nigeria is illegal and makes you susceptible to VIO scrutiny. Although this may seem overestimated when there is just a small crack and leaves you wondering why it’s taken as a serious issue, it’s not. Besides the part the law plays, driving with a cracked windshield has other disadvantages for the safety of both the car and the driver. They include:

Windshield cracks spread quickly
It may take a long time to spread, a cracked windshield will eventually spread regardless of how small it is. This may then lead to more expenses as the small crack may have required just the use of epoxy (an adhesive) but may now require complete changing which is more expensive.

Cracks may block your vision
There is need to see the road when driving for safety of the driver, and other road users.  A crack on the windshield may however affect this important factor, not allowing the driver see things such as potholes or pedestrians and therefore causing accidents. So there is need to fix a cracked windshield to be safe.

Windshields provide extra support
Besides its main use of shielding the wind from the driver while in motion, the wind shield also provides support for some structures such as the roof in the car. When the windshield is cracked, the support of the roof has been diminished therefore it can collapse when exposed to load. Another important car part the windshield supports is the Air Bag, when cracked or not properly fixed the airbag may not deploy when needed which is very dangerous to the driver’s safety.

The Nigerian government have organizations that are charged with checking out the Safety of all road users and vehicles and this includes checking out for Cracked windshields. Driving around with a cracked windshield attracts a fine which is not economical considering the fact that you’ll still have to fix the windshield so it’s like paying double. 

Vehicle Appearance
We all agree there is need to keep vehicles attractive and in good shape for optimum performance and because it speaks who we are. A cracked windshield however, is not attractive. 

It may seem uneconomical and unnecessary to fix a cracked windshield as soon as it happens, the aforementioned reasons should however be considered before going ahead to drive without fixing it. Reach out to us at Autofactor to get a new windshield or get the old one fixed. 

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